Jesus was with his disciples as they were in a boat crossing the sea when a great storm arose. He was in the hinder (back) part of the boat asleep. The storm came so fast that they being professional fishermen operating the boat took control of the boat. The storm was getting very bad very quickly. The boat begin to break apart and was getting filled with water and the winds got so strong that with all of their skill and ability the storm over took them. Of all trips ever sailed by these disciples I believe they were going to show Jesus how well they could perform. Soon it became impossible to operate a boat that the storm has now destroyed and it was sinking. The boat was going down!!How can we now do what the Lord has told us to do? The only thing left to do was to WAKE UP THE MASTER.

“JESUS! JESUS! WAKE UP! Do you care not that we all are going to perish in this storm??” Little did they know all this was a part of his plan. In this storm, he was going to teach them how important it was going to be to always have him on board at all times in their life.

Jesus got up, walked into that strong wind blowing, looked at those high waves crashing down on the ship, wading through the water that was filling the boat that was even sinking and looked at the disciples holding on for dear life,,,, and said this to them “WHERE IS THY FAITH “??  Have you let this storm take it from you? Have you forgotten who I AM?  They did not know how to reply but was hoping that he was going to do something because to them it looked like they had come to their end and all their hope was gone.

Jesus knowing exactly what they were feeling walked NOW to The FRONT of the SHIP and begins to speak. PEACE BE STILL, and instantly a great calm came over the sky, the sea, and the disciples. Then they replied, “What Manner Of Man is this?”  Now they were starting to learn what he meant when he said, “WHERE IS THY FAITH.”

Oh what a wonderful true story for you and I. As they learned what they now teach that he alone is the author and the finisher of our faith. They started out doing exactly what he told them to do and they tried to finish it by their self but had to wake him up to finish the coarse. He made it happen only when he came to the forefront (the Head) of the ship.

Friend when we learn to keep Jesus First and foremost in our lives there will be nothing that can stop our Faith in him. As he has said All things are possible to THEM that believe (faith) in him and his WORD. We look around and we see the big storm that is coming upon the earth. Yes, it's coming and there will be no exceptions. All will be in this storm, believers and unbelievers, faithful to God, and the unfaithful, the rich and the poor. Jesus told us plainly.  SO SHALL it BE as it WAS in the DAYS of NOAH!! AS GOD was in control of the ark so must he be in control of our life and soul.

Friend now is the time to have Jesus in the forefront of our ship. Keep him first in all things and do not have any other means (religions, doctrines, professors, ministers, churches) for only JESUS is the way, the truth and the life. If we keep him first and choose his words and not compromise to other means he will take us through the storm.

Bro. Ferguson


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